Schedule thru August 2017

Ø  September-May dances at the Powder Mill Barn (PMB) in Hazardville, CT (click here for Directions): Friday 8 to 10:30 p.m. (7:30 Rounds or Early Plus Workshops, see note below)

Ø  Summer 2017 Location Scout Hall Youth Center (SHYC) 28 Abbe Road East Windsor, CT. click here for our summer flyer; click here for directions

Ø  Fun Nites/Lessons are to be determined, the schedule will be updated

Ø  Donation: $8 per person, unless otherwise noted

Ø  7:30 Plus = Early Plus Workshops 7:30; 7:30 Rounds = higher level rounds 7:30-8.

Ø  Schedule up to date as of August 31, 2017 (as always, subject to change)







10/27/2017 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Steve Park Lee Fremault
11/24/2017 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Matt McGovern Harriett Clarke
12/22/2017 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Ken Ritucci Roy Williams
01/12/2018 PMB Class Level – 7:30 Plus   Dave Eno No Rounds
01/26/2018 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Bill Mager Birgit Maguire
02/23/2018 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Bruce McCue Harriett Clarke
03/09/2018 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Steve Park Roy Williams
03/23/2018 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Ken Ritucci TBA
05/25/2018 PMB Plus with DBD and Advanced Star tips Special Event Two Callers. Plus Dance Bronc Wise and Bill Mager Birgit Maguire
06/22/2018 PMB MS/PL – 7:30 Rounds   Steve Park Birgit Maguire

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