Pongo, the Square Dancing Dog

A few years ago, while looking for pictures and images to use for the “Dog Days Dance” theme logo I came across this picture.  When I asked the owner of the picture for permission to use it, he sent this reply:

Dear Fred:
It would be our pleasure that you use our Pongo, we believe he was the world's only square dancing dog, for this promotion.

I am the caller for the City Slickers youth group in Kamloops BC [Britsh Columbia, Canada] and Pongo was my pal and our club mascot. I taught him to swing, promenade, dosado, left allemande and circle left. I was just starting to teach him to weave in and out of everybody (it would have been when we were going to write to David Letterman's stupid pet tricks and promote square dancing) when he was struck and killed by a car in front of our house, in front of our children. We were devastated, as were all the club members. There are pictures of him dancing on our web site City Slickers [http://cityslickers.squaredance.bc.ca/].

We would be thrilled and it brings a flood of joyful tears to know Pongo is still alive in spirit and promoting square dancing.

Thank You
Jim Dorman